A planet.... :P LoL

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything on here… but last night a thought popped in my head about making a planet with rings around it.

Even though that’s been done before, I figured do it for myself… and the voices in my head.

and it came out pretty good too me thinks.

C&C’s plz!


It’s nice, I like the glow in the planet… there’s something odd though… isn’t it supposed that you see the planet across the ring? i mean… it’s all black there where you should see the glowing edge of the atmosphere…

nice work

Nice! Though getting rid of the white speckely bits on the rings would improve it

I think it’s great, need some work to become realistic, but cerainly great.

Nice. But star needs improvement and you soften up the rings a bit they’re too sharp right now

great corona

Very fine image. But the rings look really very grainy. Mhm. Maybe two things to maybe improve this picture a lot.

Do you know the beginning of Voyager (Star Trek)? There the rings have some reflection to them! :slight_smile: Maybe a subtle reflection could be cool.

Another thing is the following: The rings of saturn consist of a huge amount of ice-particles. But nevertheless the particles never form a solid shape. So maybe if the rings were a little transparent (no refraction though!) This could also improve the image.

And turn up the lighting of the backside of the planet. Just a little, so you see something. :slight_smile:

well I worked the rings and the star, but as for the reflection… that’s all I was able to do… I’m thinking either it’s the angle of the camera or the size of the models or the distance the camera is, that are making the reflection come out like it’s coming out. I dunno…

I still like it though!! LoL


Your Star is still too transparent i can see rght through it maybe add more flar into in post processing or add to flare insetity. But the rings look much better now

nice, nice…

I’m looking real close…but cannot see if…
In world buttons…try setting colnoise to 0.25 or less (stars are almost never completely white
In fact, they are not white at all, except for white dwarfs)
if you didn’t already…can’t realy see…

maybe add a (very transparent) cloud texture to World to create background nebula effect

The closest star…I would add a sphere with a sun texture at the center of the halo
It looks like it is close enough to be seen as a sphere (take a look at the sun, do not directly look into the sun :o it can make you blind)

…but that’s just MHO.

Happy blending!

those voices, are they the same as in my head…?
I think I can hear them too…

I’m also trying to make a planet. Can you give some tips on how you got the planet to glow? Did you just create a sphere that was slightly larger than the planet and set it to halo?

a planet of lol.

it’s very strange.
I like the first image better.


Well, since this was just going to be a still image and not animated… all I did was add->mesh->circle
i made the circle diameter slightly larger than the planet, halo’d it, then subdivided it until I achieved a good glow! LoL
simple, but it worked!!

If you wanted an animation with a planet and a halo on it… one of the ways I think they used to do it was make a large halo inside the sphere, and set HARD and ADD to get a descent effect.
Of course my way will still work as long as there’s not much change in the camera angle.

Of course you can always do the sphere being slightly larger than the planet, but unless you get the HARD and ADD and HALOSIZE and SUBDIVISION good… you’ll see dotted effects around the planet!

And that was my 2 cents… I feel smart… I need some Oreo’s

A circle! Of course! I was using a sphere, and the result wasn’t that great. I wanted the glow to be on the edge of the planet (next to the blackness of space). With a sphere, of course, the glow was ALL OVER the planet, so it looked freaky.

So much of 3D programming is figuring out the right shape for the right situation. Sometimes the simple solution just slips by you :slight_smile: