A plant

I have been a little away from posting art he last time, this is due to

a) my son
b) trying to earn money to feed him

This left very few time for ‘fun’ blending, but I have done some commercial stuff for my own company I started last month. This one came out nice enough to show you, although it’s not spectacular modeling- or texturingwise.

It’s just one Blender area light (learnt to love 'em).


I am working on ‘real’ art as well, so expect some more from me soon.


I like it a lot.
Assume it’s art :stuck_out_tongue:
Really very good. I’m impressed.

Only crit is the transparency of the leave.

Very nice… very delicate looking. :o

Now go build me a jungle with these things… :smiley:

Beautifully done, nico. Excellent color choice and use of area illumination. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more.


Very nicely done.

I still have to figure out those damned area lights. Can’t get them to work properly yet.


Dammit nico you are too artistic. Why can’t you at least make something rubbish once in a while. I bet you even make a Yellow Box With Interesting Lighting look good.

Thanks everyone!

BgDM, the light settings:


Note the low energy value. Don’t change the size of the area light by selecting and using SKEY. You need to use the dialog.

Good luck!

nico: thanks for the settings. I’ll see what I can come up with.


Great design. It looks very professional.

Very nice!

I really like the style. That is truely artistic.

Hi Nico,

this looks really elegant - area lights produce great lighting but also looooong render times - what was your rendering time for this one?

Best wishes for your company (and your son, of course) :D.


beautifully simple.