A plea to all gameblenderheads

I use a dvorak eyboard, and i know im a minority in dong so, but it really is a bitch trying to mangle your hand to use wasd as you movment keys.

anyway, i guess im saying that for a dvorak keyboard, the equivalent positions are:

up - ,(<)
down - o
right - e
left - a

it would be most appreciated if you took this into considerations so that i can play your games

keep up the good work


what is that eyboard thing???

at the moment there isn’t a good way of doing that

so I wil not change, possibly in the future keys can be bound to their location, not thier letter, but considering blender, I doubt it.

hey, can’t you change your keyboard layout real easily? I don’t know about windows (other than it is painless) but in linux it can be a panel applet.

fair enough i guess.

yes i could change it, but that would be a heck of a bitch just to do it for blender games only.

why not use arrow keys for the games? :smiley:

Why not let people remap keys however they want :slight_smile:

Good idea saluk. Let the players customize the controls.

I agree. I have been using games since the early 80s. And it was always that arrow keys that controlled movement. I have no idea where the aswd thing came from, but I always have to remember to test that out to see if those are the controls. I normally go straight to the arrow keys.

Games that required you to keep one hand on the mouse at all times, like doom and quake, moved the movement keys to WASD because they’re arranged in the same shape as the arrow keys, (on a QWERTY keyboard,) but at the extreme left of the board.

That way you could use your left hand for the keys while operating the mouse in your left hand. It also puts a lot of other keys within easy reach, so now even games that don’t require a mouse sometimes use WASD for direction.

Unfortunately this is inconvenient for other keyboard layouts, but a majority of keyboards are QWERTY.

There are three things you can do about this:

  1. Do nothing, this is easiest, since most people use a QWERTY board a majority of people will have no problems with your game.
  2. Bind several different keys to the same function, this isn’t hard, and gives players a choice of keys to use.
  3. You can let the player define their own key bindings. This is the hardest solution, but it is possible using Python. The GameKeys module defines constant values for all the keys, so you can store these values and compare the pressed keys to the stored values.