A plea to all the wip & gallery-posters!

Guys & Gals!

Over time I’ve noticed that there are several pages
missing from your gallery posts. This is usually
due to the fact that a lot of you utillize “bad” hosts
that offers free webspace in exchange for advertising.

The reason I call them “bad” is because they’re
often down, and furthermore - they often require the
users to link directly to their pages rather to your own
pictures…eg…in your gallery threads.

Therefor I’ll ask you to consider getting a better

The reason I’m asking you to do this is because
when people take the time to help out
on critiquing your work…it is quite annoying
to find such messages as:

“The site you’re looking for can’t be found”
“This site doesn’t allow for direct linking to images”
“The maximum allowed traffic for this site has exeeded - try again tomorrow”

And the number one turn-off is:

  • POP UPS! Thousands of them, many of the popups
    found on “free-webhotel-sites” contains auto-installable
    spyware such as Gator, link-cursor and many more.
    It is SO ANNOYING that I sometimes contemplate writing
    down the members that utillize such services so I don’t
    have to fight all those popups and remove all those adware
    things just for helping out with their art.

Personally I pay only 2 Dollars a month for my website
and have had an uptime for over 2 years no with
little or no complaint from anyone.

…but nothing put’s me off like a message telling
me to “Copy and paste” the link in order to see
a chaps picture…it’s bothersome…it’s annoying
it wastes time…and If I had to do that for every
image posted for EVERY artist posting it…I’d
rather not comment or watch anything at all.

That’s the reason I’m writing this. because I don’t
want it to end up like that. I want to come around
and enjoy your work…but don’t make it a struggle
for us to see your brilliant work - people! Get
yourself a domain and a host now!

Take care,

web hotels?
[web hosts in english, at least around here]

It is a bit disappointing you didn’t suggest any free solutions




[also, you not letting the text wrap is annoying. let my browser do the word wrapping, it doesn’t need to be part of your post]

also of note, if the reffer thing is an issue you should run mozilla or opera and configure it not to send the refferer. most websites don’t have a problem with it lacking. In opera it is in the quick prefrences menu [f12 key] and in mozilla network.http.sendRefererHeader can be changed from 2 to 0 in about:config to disable sending them

Sorry about that - I just didn’t want it to sound like I was advertising for some particular web-hosts.

But the same problem applied to cgtalk some time ago. Now Cgtalk have that as a STICKY with a list of hosts in order to avoid these problems.

It is quite a know problem. Very annoying too.

Not to speak of this post being off-topic :slight_smile:

It’s not a Question or an Aswer is a (rightful) suggestion.

I’ll move it in Chat, where it belongs, rather than locking :slight_smile:


I use my own fast made Lycos site to host my pics. It works pretty good, because it never goes down. Only thing is if I want to upload a pic I need to dig in my mailbox to find the pass :stuck_out_tongue:

I just use the web space that comes with my ISP account. No popups, linking issues, restrictive band width limmits, just blank web space.
(eccept for one recent pic but that’s another story)

What I don’t understand is why so many people have to get a separate account for their web space even though they are not a business and don’t need a huge amount of space.

Does web space not come with most regular ISP accounts? Or is server space at such primium that it discourages most ISPs from providing web space to clients as part of their normal account?

Ugh, I wish I could get payed for working with Blender… I certainly wouldn’t mind looking at free hosts. But others have other jobs which are just as time demanding and they take time of of that just to do some blending. And they don’t get payed for it…
And if I had to decide if I wanted to eat a day, or I wanted you to look at my art between blending which you get payed for, while I don’t, well, I’d rather eat…
Fortunately I don’t need to make that decision, and I hope none of us has to, and I also have web-space I can use, no popups, nothing, but your post sounded to me a bit harsh. ‘I do commercial projects now, I don’t have to put up with this anymore’.
Everyone has limited time, none of us lives forever, however I hope I won’t regret it on my deathbed that I have once or twice copied and pasted instead of just clicking on a link…

Just my 2 cents.

About Gator and other spyware you are right, but I haven’t seen one yet that installs before asking me.

Erufailon - That day will come …if you want…just work hard and
long enough :slight_smile:

Anyway, harsh or not…it’s reality. Just take a look at cgtalk.
Even the board that I hang around over here…most people complained
about not getting any input…while those who’s pictures actually
came up (visible to everyone)…got lot’s of comments all the time…

Why do you think that is? Hint… :wink:

I think it’s better to make such a suggestion in a group
I love (this one)…rather than just be annoyed by it and
watching the same thing happen in this group as in others.

I could just accept things they way they are…and shut up…
…and those who already DO shut up…simply because they
don’t have the time to argue (like me)…continue to “not bother”…
…would you like it that way instead?

I’ll read your post only if you stop trying to make it poetic ! :wink:

joongle you could have posted your suggestion without lacing it with hostility. you know, some people have neither alot of money nor time.


10mb, free, easy to use, no pop-ups. I’ve been pleased with it.

Yeah, but it doesn’t even require money to show images without copy/paste linking. That’s the most frustrating part. There are loads of free places to do it from.

hmmm read my sig LOL


perhaps instead of ranting to everyone you just post to peoples threads that you notice a link to the public gallery. or didn’t you know about it?


Modron - there’s no hostility involved. It may sound harsh - yes, but it is also still extremely annoying with the increasing number
of posts that require external “cut’n’paste operations, not to mention all
those down-sites”.

=KH=Lupus - thanks!

shbaz - maybe we could have a sticky like CGTALK have? There
people can see where to find various free/non-free hosts…and
that list is growing/updated every day.

Alltaken - true, but I doesn’t hurt if others does it as well.

Edit someone wakes up (me)

Alltaken - Are you offering free webspace for the Blender
artists at elysiun? Did I read your “signature” correctly?
If so - WOW…you’re one gracious individual! Nice. :smiley:


I think it’s important for all of us to have ther choice whether we want to pay for a host or not. A freedom of choice is what started the creation of Blender afterall.

You’re presenting the worst case scenarious in free web hosting by the way. Sure there are some annyoing hosts with pop ups & SpyWare but there also some really good free hosts that are reliable, without pop ups & SpyWare and still FREE.

…So instead of urging every member of Elysiun to start paying up, why not recommend some better free web hosts for people to use.

Just a suggestion

We all get your point, I do too, and I also agree that there are better solutions than geo… and trip…, but you’ve wraped your opening statement in quite repelling clothes. That’s all.

Ok, it was a bit harsh - granted. But in the end it’s up to people
what they’ll do and prefer. I’m just the messenger.

Anyway - I’ve edited the first post now so it sounds as nice
as I am willing to put it %|

I found Alltaken’s site (somebody at least reads sigs…) and I put my blender pics up there…if he’s willing to help out and offer space…hey I’ll take him up on it…already some great pictures up there…:smiley: (no thats not a shameless plug just appreciation of others’ work). I’ve already used it to put up some wip’s and will post the final works when they’re done (if ever). Thanks ever so much for offering space for all us po’ blenderheads! :smiley:

/me wakes up…are they really offering free 3d graphics software…

the idea behind an open source community IMO is the community pulling together to make itself strong.

when i was starting out with blender, i used a users webspace called DM7 and i used that webspace for over one year to show my work.

she infact had the exact same software setup as i do now (gallery)

that show of good faith has spread to me, and i have so far been hosting the blender public gallery for perhaps 1 year.

the first year cost me $170, and this year because of traffic i have paid for a more expensive hosting package of $300.

i have started Blender Battles on the same host.

personaly you wouldn’t get me paying $470 for photoshop or any other 3d program, i choose blender because of the community. (illogical perhaps but life is not always logical)

i will offer free image hosting until such a time when my monthly limit gets exceeded, (blender battles currently takes priority, so the gallery will be sacrificed before that goes down)

i have already paid the cash, so i may as well run the bandwidth up to the red line.

why do i do it?


example. (imagine if even 1 or 2 people who used my gallery do the same in the future)

to give somthing back. (someones gotta pay for everying, except open source which nobody pays for anything…get real, LOL)

experience. (blender battles has been a huge experience for me, so has the public gallery)

recognition. (since i don’t do piss all artwork, i better be known for somthing around here LOL)

so yeah its a number of reasons, but just think about all the people here that do small things like this, and don’t get paid anything.

timothy started up elysiun.

goofster codes for it, and moderates

weirdhat has done many tutorials

kaytor (is that the right spelling) did renderman magazine which while it lasted was awsome

sysadm does the gallery, and a number of other sites.

bart does blender3d.org stuff.





detective thorn


if i listed everyone for every reason it would be a super long list.
(p.s. tons not on there despite all the awsome work he did, he gets paid. but still he desirves a mention for all the heart he puts into it, and coming up with the genious plan for the community buy out)

i havn’t donated cash to the foundation, because i think my money can help other areas of the community.

you have the power to effect this place as much as anyone else. and without people that take that responsibility, there will be no community.

thanks everyone around who has lifted their finger even one extra inch to help me get where i am today, and good luck to the people that anyone here manages to inspire.



But the fact that you’re also PAYING for other is also incredible.
(alas - you pay for the web traffic of others out of your own

Not that you volunteer for free work (I do that as well
and have done for a long time…I create Danish Blender
tutorials and have various Blender forums in Denmark)
All for free for everyone…


Not entirely finished yet…but useful to some.