A Plea to the Developers of the BGE

Please pass your knowledge on. If you have spare time, write a tutorial, help would-be developers, provide us with anything you can to continue the development of the BGE. Snailrose has set a great example by creating this. If only we had more…

If you’re reading this thread and know of any other resources that developers of the BGE could use like Snailrose’s tutorial, please post them here. I will gather all of those resources in the first post of this thread.

The only thing holding us back is lack of knowledge. As a community we can ban together and gather every last bit of information we can to help the development. If you really want to help out and have a little extra cash, donate to the BGE bountysource here.

For more information about donating, check out this thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=871692

Well… thats pretty much all I have to say. Share your thoughts, discuss ideas, post GE Dev. resources. Together we can make this work.

Happy holidays = )

Nice post, Venom. Let’s hope some of them see it. :wink:

Edit: I’m going to sticky this for a while to increase the chances that some of the devs will see it (since a lot of them don’t come along that often)

Great initiative! But before we get too carried away, I’d like to remind everyone that the proper Blender developer forum is at blender.org. This is an artists community.

Going slightly off topic, I would love to know the current state and future outlook of the BGE, project Apricot is “using Blender for modeling and animation, Crystal Space as 3D engine and delivery platform”, but will CS ever be more formally integrated into Blender after the completion of this project?

Everyone could start by updating this page http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Game_Engine with little tidbits at a time…