A pop and that's all.

A black screen, then a Loud ‘POP’. That’s all she wrote.

Was beginning to work on my next video. Just started to work on one of the main characters when my computer blew something inside my computer, and it will not come back on. In the mean time I’ll be on even slower laptop. Going to be putting Blender off for a while, was saving up for a new computer anyway which I’m figuring will be close to October when I can get it.

To make a long story short, No Halloween or a fall video from me this year. I’ve been doing some thing for fall every year. Looks like I’m going to have to postpone it

Sorry to be a downer about this, it just hit me while I had a good idea for my next video. Things will look up once I get my next computer. But hey, on the positive side. If I can get the computer I want. I’ll be doing Better Blender videos. I’ll be able to mo-cap, camera tracking, and render in hi-def with Environment lighting.

Maybe a cheap capacitor couldn’t cut the mustard-most likely fixable

Remember that you can always take the hard drive to your new computer.

You can even use a hard drive enclosure to open your PCs hard drive on your laptop!

Ya, but my laptop can’t handle anything Blender. It does this weird, don’t know how to describe it. It’s like all the meshes get jumbled up when I do any type of panning of scrolling around the field. Plus it’s even slower on my laptop than my pc.

Went cheap when I got my Mobo for a Core2 Quad I found at a Thrift store. You could be right. Tried to see if it may have been the power source and still nothing. (sigh)

I could fix it, maybe. How much would it cost and how long would it take is on my mind. In any case, I figured why bother. I’m saving up for a new one.

Rescue the disk drive, then swap it into any suitable computer that you can grab. Or, as others have already said, buy an external disk drive enclosure and put the drive into it.

When anything goes wrong with a computer, it is usually most-effective to simply swap the entire computer … other than the disk drive … for a new one.

. . . As I recently had to do … (sniff!) … for “Old Dobbin,” my first laptop, originally purchased with Windows-95(!) and subsequently run with a tailor-made Gentoo Linux. Yep, when the old horse was able to run a decent operating system, I got many years of good use … and quite a few (“okay, okay, so what if it’s the slowest computer in the farm?”) good renders. :slight_smile:

(Remove all hats … dutiful silent pause … put them back on…) “Her disk drive, with a backup of course, lives on.”

Blimey! And people tell me reformatting Winblow$ everytime it starts going wonky is ‘extreme!’ I think you’ve just raised the bar! :smiley:

Reminds me of an episode of “Frasier” where Niles explains to Frasier that every time one of Maris’ dogs needed a bath, she would just buy a new dog instead.

I guess, why not if you have the money?

Modern PCs have a failsafe features so your data could be intact.

My PC began behaving weird. It always encounter BSODs and then restarts. In the event log, it says:“Processor core bug check”

Got a new Core i5 4460 with a new Motherboard. No GPU yet, and I can already tell the speeds. Once it would take me 4 minutes to render anything cycles is now only taking a little over a minute. Thanks for everyones help :slight_smile: