A Pop Song Singger (Guess you don't know who she is.)

:wink: Yeah . I think I finished this girl project . She is a pop song singer in Japan . I want make one of her model for a long long time. Itโ€™s modeled ,textured and rendered all in Blender (because it has enough fuction to achive this). Hope you all like it !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I am preparing some demos to find a new job. I am in China . I studied Blender for 4 years though some time I give it up.

(PS: Congcong and I came form the same province . His works are awsome !!! please support him !!!)

nice work, i like it :slight_smile:

is she Chineese? Because she doesnโ€™t look like Chineese people.

Great Work

the eye detail is great so are the lips

everything else you can still push further.

The main thing that sticks out is her eyes are ether to small or to far apart
check your measurements. The camera may have distorted your reff so keep that in mind.

The hair is looking good mostly
but you should paint in some hair on her scalp so you dont get a smoother transition and you dont have the scalp beaming through the hair.

The shader is a little plastic like. The spec is a little tight for the skin. Throw some noise in it.

The neck could be a little thinner but thats more my personal taste. Dont know what your ref looks like.

I know you probably spent a long time on this and probably dont want to look at it anymore but if you make a few tweaks and it will be a strong portfolio piece. Nothing more than a couple of days work.