A porsche

This is my second blender project. It’s not really an existing model. I wanted to make a station wagon, but I kept changing, and it looked like a porsche after a while, so now it’s a porsche:)

edit: compressed the pic, so i can upload it:


Very nice. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Good work!

Looks ok for a second project.

Overal it lacks more detail, but its ok for a second blender project.

Crit is for the render size - my test renders are bigger. :slight_smile:
Use jpeg compression to get smaller file sizes.

OK? I think you’re being very harsh.

I don’t see anywhere there could be detail added. It looks like he’s even got the brakes in there. Now that I think about it though, there’s no rear-view mirror.

For a second project it’s absolutely great! Although there are some crits I could give. Like for example the car paint. It looks great but It would look much better if you put a white plane above it to simulate skylight for the paint and for the glass shield. The seat shader looks alittle flat to me. Overall I applaud your work here! Keep Going! 8)

thanks y’all! :smiley: I will experiment with the white plain above the car. Does it need to have a particular size and heigth? And I actually did a 1024* 768 render, but I used png because that gives better results, so I had to compres it before I could post it here.

I’d just like to add that the windscreen really ought to be convex, not flat like it appears to be in the render.

Yea, and more work can be done on lights. Check this link, it’s not Blender specific, but you’ll get an idea: http://www.3dcar-gallery.com/tutorial/less02.htm

i had some trouble with the windscreen, and this is as good as I could get it.
And the lights…I tried giving them some more detail, but it didn’t look so well, so I kept them the way they were.
And i think there’s something wrong with your link…