A portrait of Gina

A portrait of a young lady, I have modeled longer time ago. As a final purpose for this model, I’ve made this portrait. I hope you like it…

The textures (2800x2800) are made by me, from some reference pictures of my own.

Many thanks to Blender Cookie for the exclusive hair and fur tutorial , also to Ben Simonds for the skin tutorial … and to marcin_hrn for the diamonds :eyebrowlift: (from Blendswap).


i think this is very good…the hair especially the way it combs back and puffs out is very nice. How did you control the hair so precise?

Soft brush for combing, hard brush for puff.
You get the best control by checking the hair shape in the front, side, and top view. :yes: And many test renders…

In my opinion, the hair is pretty thin.
I mean…
It looks like fur, not hair…
Or is it just me…?
Beautiful woman, though :stuck_out_tongue:

It is my first hair in 2.6.1, pushed my old computer to the limits, and also pushed me to the limits :no:

Thanks :cool:

Beautiful render^^ I adore her fur coat, wonderful job~