A portrait, sculpture.

A grecoroman portraiture influence lol.
Zb, retopo, displacement ~300 k, + a second bump-map, Cycles, Ps for vignette and jpg only.

click thumbnail for larger view.

Very nice. Zbrush is the shaz.

The bumpmappring is procedural or is sculpted?

Thanks daren, bao
Nothing procedural, painted and sculpted. Baked as displacement (two maps, right Bao? lol)
What I do for fast texturing is to apply a ready texture (seamless as possible) on the UVs, then polypaint from texture (zb), paint more on seams areas. Mask by cavity and possible paint there. Mask by density and sculpt on pores.

Dang! Nice job!!!

Great Michalis!
The material is f**ckin awesome.

@tungee , @bhindlilanimals
There must be a way to paint (or feel) on cavity areas in blender. I think, michael W posted a small tut, once upon a time. I can’t find it.
It can be very useful, especially under cycles, use it as value or anything else. A cavity mask. BTW a displacement bump map won’t work this way.

Your Render is incredibily beautiful. You got a great sense of shapes, quite impressive. Did you use a complicated shading network or just some mixed shader + fresnel (did you use fresnel at all?). Maybe you could add a screenshot showing your shading nodes :), that would be awesome.

Keep on the good work

Thanks, here is the setup, I’m using two displ-bump maps. The one is adopted from the ~1.2 M sculpt as usual. The second is an edited B&W version of the texture. I had to alter the lighter color painted in cavity so to work on pores only.
Trying to grab the nodes setup, I noticed that the displacement map was a psd file LOL. There isn’t any warning, it just don’t work. So I changed it to a tif 16 bit. There’s a slightly more detailed version (updated), compare it with the attachment (the older version)

Like everybody else here, I like the material, except I feel its a little too much specularity but I guess it depends on the type and strength of light. I certainly couldn’t do as well.

Of course your sculpting is also really awesome

Very functional setup. Your updated Version shows up even a bit more Detail in my humble Opinion. Very brilliant piece of Work. I’m looking forward to your next project :slight_smile:

Really good!
Admins, Gallery pls.

you are truly a great artist sir. i am very inspired. :slight_smile:

It’ll be the day when one of michalis’ pieces makes it to the gallery. :smiley:
You better don’t get him started on this topic.

very beautiful, lots of expression in the shapes

Bravo michalis!:yes:
A really true and beautiful work!
Even the dof is perfect to give the size of the piece, and coherent with the size of pores.


wooooooooow that’s amazing!
Gallery? xD

@arexma, ha ha, never again.
@tyrant monkey
@sourvinos, dof is one of the many reasons to render with cycles.

One thing it’s the tool, other the skillfulness of maker.


I hope it will go in the Gallery.