a pot WIP

3 test images of a pot that i am working on:


comments are welcomed.


Not bad :slight_smile:

I notice that it lacks handles, but maybe those will come.

My point is that, expecially in 4.jpg you see the valve reflecting not once but twice on the side of the pot.

Logically it should not reflect at all :slight_smile:

Keep it up


Very nice reflections. Jpg 1 made me dizzy it was sideways. jpg 2 fooled me the reflection was so good I thought I was looking inside the pot and was trying to figure out what that thing at the bottom of the pot was. But I figured it all out by the 3rd one. I went back and looked at 2 and it made sense to me then. You should enter #2 in S68s optical illusion contest. He he. But very nice pictues and very nice reflections.



I have rendered test (rotation camera) avi (divx) file.


I know its only one HANDLE, but i am working on that handle to look like the real one, and i didnt want to duplicate this one.

comments apprecieated.


Ah! Nice pot man

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