A premiere on BA?

I’m posting this message using my Wii :slight_smile: Anyone else browsing BA with a Wii? :stuck_out_tongue:

For everyone with a Wii wondering how im doing it, the Wii Opera browser (beta/trial version) has been released this morning for free download on the Wii Shop Channel.

If you managed to connect your Wii (which, im not hiding it, has been quite an ordeal for me, but a breeze to most people) you can download it.

Since its a beta version it has a few bugs to work out and lacks some functionalities, but works very well and fast overall.

Good Wii surfing! :slight_smile:

Replied from my Wii. :slight_smile:

AHHHHHH! that sounds so cool unfortunately i cannot connect my wii to the net because i have no wireless network and i really don’t want to order an adapter. :frowning:

If you don’t have a wireless router then you have to get the adapter that plugs behind your Wii for a wired connection or the Nintendo wi-fi USB adapter that plugs in you computer for a wireless connection. Unfortunately you have to order the gadgets for the last 2 options. If you really can’t order online you might find it in certain stores or place a request for the store to order some, if they do that.

Good luck, im sure you’ll find a way if you really want it :slight_smile:

oh you can use the wifi adapter? well i know the bestbuy near me sells that thanks.