A pretty ribbon....

…for my xmas box…

Only oddity is the widening at the end. Is there another setting I need to adjust to fix this?


Nevermind. Got it.

Ok on a related note…

I fixed my issue by changinig the orientation of the tilt…uh…ticks…so…

Is there a way of changing the orientation of individual ticks between each CP? Or do I need to sub-d the curve into more CPs?

If you change the curve to a path you can use T to tilt.


Hrrrmmmm well thats sorta what I did. I used the T key but I dont remember actually converting to a path…is this done automagically when you T it? Or is a bezier curve already considered a path?

Anywho Im assuming I cant slect individual ticks…just “groups” of ticks between each Control point…right??

PS: Did you ever send me Beast?

Well yes, you can do it with any curve (and any curve can be set as a path), but a Path (a type of curve in the Add menu) restricts the effect of the tilt to selected knots better. The ticks are a graphical representation of speed (I’m open to correction on that though) and are not “physical” things you can grab or scale etc.

Re Beast: If you’re one of the 40 or so that sent me your email then yes I sent it.


Curves: Aha ok. Thanks

Beast: Well…I didnt get it the Elysium PM box and I didnt see it in my email box. Could you possibly send it one more time please?

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If you dupliframe a nurbs curve surface along a path you can adjust the rotation of the nurbs surface however you want in the ipo editor. The is a tutorial here that will give you the information you need


Hope this helps,