A Problem help please

Hi guys this is a little something im working, “just cant get over human models…” I’ve set up a rig and parented and weight painted etc etc etc… now im on to shape keys :slight_smile: easy enough to understand don’t know why i was so scared of them in the first place… so here goes… i have all my shape keys set up and i have begun adding drivers, ive done the whole motion of setting up my angles etc…only to find that because of the construction of the rig one of my shape keys shares an axis with another… the first screen is or the desired result"key20" the second is the end result"ShoulderZ60deg_L" in the third screen you can see that for that specific pose the “upper arm” bone rotates on two axis… therefore both shape keys come into play :frowning: it there a way i can fix this ??