A Problem in the Mirror Modifier

I am modeling a car, and I modeled half of the hood. The problem is: when I add the mirror modifier, the other half is not complete, and does not fit the blueprint. I noticed the reason for that, as the new half gets in the original half. I want a solution for that problem, as, you know, you can’t model the two sides individually. :spin:

The mirror modifier mirrors abound the object origin (large dot) so if this is not on the correct mirror line you won’t get symmetry.
See http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Modifiers/Generate/Mirror
So set the origin in the correct location (see the Origin button near the top of the toolshelf, shortcut T, for various options to move it) or add an empty in the correct location and use that as the mirror object in the mirror modifier settings.
Ensure you have also selected the correct mirror Axis

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Oh thanks! This was my first post in the forums, and I am surprised and glad that my questions can be answered in such speed and accuracy! Thanks.