a problem with a tutorial help plz

i was doing this tutorial Special effects in games:

but the particle_basic doesn’t show up in the GE and im sure i did every thing right
i think that the “particle object” fly so fast to the top when i press “p” but im not sure
maybe it’s my imagination since im trying to figure out how to do this tut for 1 hour now
plz help!!!


here is the .blend im going to sleep i hope to found a solution by one of you guys tommorow good night

Do you have DLoc set to 5…if so set it to .05…

I tried to download the file several times, but on running it blender says it is incomplete. Please upload it again?

Maybe use www.4shared.com instead?

I had problems with a tutorial like this on the authors site, way back when too, and the auther added some more docs to fix where I ran into trouble.

One important thing to remember is that the plane has to be facing the x axis (I think thats the one) to be seen. That was my problem, it was facing neg X instead of positive X so it couldnt been seen.

I will take a look at the tut and see if I can help more…

Ok, I just did the part of the tut to the point of adding the logic blocks and testing it, it worked fine for me.

I suggest you disconnect the dloc actuator and just press play. If you do not see the white dot, then you missed a step.

You dont even have to be in camera mode when you press p to check if you can see the circle. just press 3 on the numpad and the p. Do you see the circle? If you press ctrl 3 on the numpad and then p, do you see the circle?

Are you in textured viewing mode?

I uploaded the file here for you if you want to look at it.

thanks evry one i made a fire i figured what was wrong

Good job! Always happy to help if I can,