A problem with animation posing and keyframes

So I have downloaded a .blend for personal use of the rig and mesh. The original pose was a man sitting down in the way similar to “The Thinker.” So made the mistake of not deleting the original pose and went to pose what I wanted, a man holding a gun from his hip.

Everything was working how I wanted it to, i move the gun the mans arms and hand would respond correctly. So after I get all done, my computer goes into sleep (I did save immediately before,) and now when I grab anything or try to key frame it using the ‘i’ key it snaps back to the sitting pose. It only happens when I move the the gun the rig or any part of the body. His hands are still a child of the gun though the have a different offset.

I would love if any can help me, it would mean a lot.

Probably the sitting pose was key framed, did you look for keys in the dopesheet editor?

I would select the armature and look in the dopesheet editor, if there are keyframes, delete them (a-key to select/deselect them all, or b-key to box select with mouse, x-key to delete). Then, if it were me, I’d select all the bones, and do a alt-g, r, & s key, to reset all bones to their rest position, then start over.


If there aren’t any keyframes in the dopesheet, make sure there aren’t any action strips either (NLA Editor)