A problem with clean plate

Hello all,

I’ve recently started following the tutorials from the ‘Track, Match Blend’ DVD from the blender foundation, and found it vry interesting. However, sometimes because I’m using 2.7 there are small differences in performance or how to do things in the movie clip editor.
It was pretty simple to find out where a button was moved to or something like that, until the tutorial where it is shown how to make a cleanplate. There you find out how to remove certain things from the footage using a cleanplate, which looks pretty cool, but the way it is done in the video doesn’t seem possible in Blender 2.7. The video is also on youtube, here is the link.

If you follow the entire tutorial, it works until around 22:00 when the movie file is opened in the UV image editor. Where the guy has the image settings and such opened, I only have transform, scopes and grease pencil panels. Also, the UV map is not rectangular but loyal to the original shape of the plane.
My question is, is the way of cleanplating changed in 2.7, and how can it be done?

Thanks already.

Guess N key will bring missing options in UV editor. As to the unwrap - it might depend on initial shape of plane and is automatically placed inside UV square. UVproject works the same nevertheless.

I do get the panel with the NKey, which was actually really really obvious, but the cleanplating part still isn’t working.

I guess i was writing one while thinking another…
Is this what you are looking for? Missing parts which now are on T panel?