A problem with the mirror modifier


I just downloaded and installed blender 2.68a … I created an UV Sphere, applied the Mirror then Subsurf modifier to it, and switched to the Edit Mode.

So, I selected one vertex, and made an translation on the y-axis , this is the normal result:

But, when I make a y-axis translation towards the inside of the UV Sphere (In order to make eyes) , this is what I got :

What’s going on with it? Why doesn’t it seem to work? Note that if I switched to the wire mode, I see the the eyes holes they way they’re supposed to be,

Note also that the problem isn’t with the subsurf modifier, I removed it and the issue persists.

I hope someone has encountred and resolved this issue before.

And thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It sounds like you don’t understand what the mirror modifier actually does.
It does not mirror the changes you make on one side of an object to the other. It creates a mirrored duplicate of the object across the selected axis at the objects origin or at the location of a specified object
If you just mirror a sphere then you will have two spheres in the same place so if you move a vertex inwards then it will be obscurred by the duplicate sphere. You need to cut the sphere in half so you don’t get this overlap and rely on the mirror modifier to recreate the mirrored half

If you just want to mirror your modelling across the x axis you can always just enable the x-mirror option in the toolshelf

Thank you, I solved the problem, I was actually mirroring all the mesh, not only half of it, excuse me, But I’m a beginner :), Thank you so much…I got it.

Thank you so much my friend, I’m just a beginner… I didn’t know I was mirroring all the sphere instead of half of it. Thanks a lot :o