A Proper Keymap for Blender 2.8


Is there a way to make double click select loops like in max and not have it all buggy? I’ve tried that a few times but adding loops to selection seems to be the problem with double click.

EDIT: Never mind, I changed loop select to alt + dbl-click and alt + shift + dbl-click. Maybe you could consider that in your config? Yes, I bent to alt-left to orbit already, my wrist was killing me. I tried alt-right but it’s too confusing and politically charged:D


(rawalanche) #43

Yes, double click for loops is doable without any issues. Glad you have sorted it out. In my config, I prefer alt+LMB for loops instead of double click, since double click is reserved to select linked, not just in mesh mode. In mesh, doubleclick means select everything connected to current mesh, so you can quickly select individual mesh elements.

Alt+Double-LMB is a good choice, since that particular combination won’t overlap with anything. At the same time, edge loop in my default keymap is alt+LMB, so basically you chose to use almost the same key binding, except with one more click added :slight_smile:


Middle mouse button is kinda essential in all software. I mean even in blender, most of the 2D editors (node, UV, Image, Graph View) are panned using MMB, so if you have hard time clicking the MMB, I’d really suggest better mouse.

Lastly, blender can distinguish between click and drag, so you can have Alt+LMB click to select loop and at the same time have Alt+LMB drag for orbit. It works the same way in for example move tool. You can notice RMB click opens context menu but RMB drag moves object :slight_smile: You’d just have to sacrifice the lasso selection tool.


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@rawalanche Another round of small adjustments :slight_smile:
Select linked flat faces is a command that I use constantly, please ad it. In fact why not more of the mesh edit functions. Rapid mesh editing is the core of this software.
Box selection for Outliner is mapped to Alt+LMB while in reference is “Hold LMB”. Anyway since this is just a marking for Outliner operations, is there a workaround to also activate viewport selection wile box selecting?


(bestelix) #45

Another thing I see is a problem with Region Overlap active where pan and zoom with MMB doesn’t work in the transparent area under Toolbar and Sidebar. It works with orbit and zoom though. Maybe it should be reported.


(rawalanche) #46

Outliner is pretty messy right now in Blender, not much I can do from my side about that :frowning: I wish it worked like regular outliners in normal DCC packages. Select linked flat faces, that one will be added, probably on Alt+DoubleClick though, so you can probably just go ahead, and fix it on your side yourself :slight_smile:

Region overlap behavior is something way beyond keymap, so I can’t affect that either. :confused:

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(Bop) #47
  1. Alt+LMB always pan view, so I can’t implement Edge loop operation. how do you do it?
  2. Is there any special reason for replacing select shortest path from ctrl+lmb to ctrl+shift+lmb?
  3. I think the default loop edge selection method is very good, especially the loop surface selection. Select linked all can be implemented with shift+ double click.

(Zimlorog) #48

@rawalanche I just learned about this hold and drag feature, I think it could open a lot of possibilities for calling menus. What do you think?

My mind is kind of blown right now.


(Nomo) #49

Is it possible to create a hotkey toggle for Solid view studio + texture to matcap? I haven’t figured it out even with PME


(rawalanche) #50

I honestly have no idea what you are talking about.

Pan is MMB.

Ctrl+Shift+LMB is shortest path because Ctrl+LMB is deselect.

It’s the same mapping as default selections in Blender 2.8

To me it sounds like you don’t have much experience using Blender, especially 2.8. If you don’t like this keymap, then you are probably better of customizing the default one, instead of this one.


(rawalanche) #51

I am already using it, as I’ve written in some of the posts above. For example in Move tool, RMB click drag performs move tweak, but RMB click only performs context menu.


(rawalanche) #52

I am quite confident it is, but it’s beyond the scope of keymap, so I am not sure how to do it. Someone else knows, hopefully :slight_smile:


(wellerankanto) #53

Are there any left-handers here who have adapted this keymap? For me, the emphasis on efficient shortcuts being close to the left hand are not helpful… but I love the general idea of a proper keymap.


(rawalanche) #54

I am afraid there’s no mainstream piece of software that has ambidextrous keymap, and I have yet to see one that offers it as a configuration variant. So if you wanted one, I am afraid you’d have to design it from scratch yourself. And that would then probably also solve the problem only for Blender. There are many other pieces of software, which you use, or will use every day, which may offer only limited means of configuring key bindings, or even none at all :slight_smile:

So, with this in mind, it’s much easier to tackle your problem from the hardware side, and buy left handed keyboard, such as this one:

This would allow your hand to mostly rest in the middle of the keyboard, while still leaving plenty of space for your mouse on the left. On top of that, you’d get ergonomic advantages in all software you encounter, even if it’s mapped for right handers :slight_smile:


(wellerankanto) #55

Thanks for the idea. I will think about that.


(bestelix) #56

@rawalanvhe Hi, I just want to know if you intend to improve this one in the future. Thanks!


(Martin Öberg) #57

Great idea. However not using the standard alt navigation sort of defeats the purpose of the map for me. My brain will explode if I go between Modo, Substance Painter etc and they have different navigation schemes.

I liked the idea of placing things where your hand is.

If I wanted to change it to maya navigation would I break a lot of stuff?


(rawalanche) #58

Yes, just need to finish some work and will make another version with fixes and improvements.

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(rawalanche) #59

Not a lot, but you will have to reshuffle some things which will probably be a headache given the keymap editor’s bugginess.

As for the Maya style navigation, the goal was not to make Maya/Substance style navigation, but to make the best navigation possible. Alt+LMB/MMB/RMB navigation not the best choice for quite a few reasons. It’s used a lot because it was used in Maya, but whoever came up with it first in Maya messed up :slight_smile:


(Martin Öberg) #60

I can see the reasoning behind the choice. I’ve used the ”Maya” style since I switched to XSI in 2004 so it’s pretty deeply rooted in me. But mostly it’s because I plan on keeping my current app Modo alongside Blender and using different styles would be very confusing.

I might give it a shot and see if my brain adapts. Thanks for the reply though.


(bestelix) #61

@rawalanche Hi, I discovered that the problem with 1 2 3 for UV window with Sync active must be related to the addon because with factory settings works ok. I see that even the interface of keymaps is different :wink: . For instance in our case the default setings use “mesh.select_mode” instead of “wm.context_set_enum”. But a simple replacement won’t do.