A Proper Keymap for Blender 2.8


You can go with my loop selection way to alt double click and shift alt double click, I’m used to it.


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Ya, it’s a bitch to resolve all the conflicts.

I was never happy with default blender poly/mesh selecting hotkeys, so in my case I reorganized everything. I have almost everything bound to some combo of the 3 mouse buttons plus the CTRL/ALT/SHIFT modifier keys.

If you haven’t already, consider adding the great Raycast Selection addon from @darcvizer to enable a proper “Paint Selection” in blender 2.80. In my setup it’s on MMB (and SHIFT+MMB; CTRL+SHIFT+MMB)


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Nope, that won’t work. Having orbit on Alt+LMB press instead of Alt+LMB click-drag would mean that any operation that includes alt and mouse click (press and release) without moving the mouse would stop working. There’s quite a few of them. And it includes also doubleclick :slight_smile: It would make absolutely no sense to make keymap less usable and more complicated just to gain ability to orbit in one very specific tool :slight_smile:


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I actually succeeded at resolving pretty much all the conflicts and making everything consistent in this keymap, just not in the Maya version of it. The main version, which uses MMB to pan, Alt+MMB to orbit and Ctrl+MMB to zoom works fine, everywhere :slight_smile:



Ok, very strange: I switched to standard version, then changed manually navigation to maya style, added panning item in the modal map and it works… No more problem! I think I ll go with a modified version of your standard setup :+1:


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Interesting, I will give it one more try :slight_smile:


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Just out of curiosity - if this really works, do you still have the Alt+LMB orbit in 3D View (Global) set to Click-Drag, not press?

I have the identical setup to yours, but it still doesn’t work here. It works if I switch the Rotate View from Click-Drag to Press, but if you do that, you will lose the ability to select edge loops, rings, etc…



Ok, we found the problem… so from maya keymap to rotate along knife tool “alt left mouse” must be in press mode…


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Yeah, that’s not happening. The press mode will result to all other Alt+LMB key mappings stopping working, such as these:



For these actions I use modo style:

It works great since iterate along verts edge or face loop

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Just these four? I’m fine with changing to press and replacing those with alt dbl.


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As I said, changing orbit to press will prevent Alt+Double-LMB from working as well :wink:



I don’t get it, what won’t work? I changed your max config to alt left press for rotate view and loop select to alt dbl and it works fine.

I also changed the knife tool as Rastart suggested and alt left rotates view as well.


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That’s interesting. I’d assume that since press interrupts the click action, it’d interrupt double click as well :slight_smile:



Idk, works fine on linux, todays blender build. I can post my config if you want?
Only thing I did more is disable lasso in sculpt mode for now. Other than that it’s totally what I was looking for in a max-maya config for blender so I’m going with it:)


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Hi guys,

sorry for entering this thread for this question, but I would really like to know it.

The keymap… 2.8 will get a complete new keymap and by reading this thread I have the feeling this is under complete construction for now. I think I miss sonething, but is this here the official proposal for the new keymap or some some ‘user-based’ approach?

At work I am working with 2.79, but I am pretty hyped to get used to 2.8, but I have the fear of learning new shortcuts over and over again :confused:

I hope you guys can help me.



This is the user-based approach and it works now, the official industry compatible keymap is as you said under construction and no one knows how much longer or how good it will be. Have you used max or maya before?

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

None of these - I am a Blender user for 5 years now, but I am used to the nava navigation.
Still in the early years of my ‘carreer’ I decided to change some of the shortcuts to get more of an ‘industry-like’ keymap.

My problem with user based keymaps is, when I am switch my workplace I have to reassign the keymap there and from time to time I am switching the PC three times a day because I show my coworkers some stuff and they use the actual default keymap :confused:


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“X” is knife? How did you bypassed the “X” axis lock on Blender? is it overridable now?
“X” remained as axis lock like for ever. Where did you changed that?
Also: How would you “x” axis lock with that option previously removed?


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X is axis lock only if you are inside transform tool. It’s a mode with it’s own hotkeys.