A Proper Keymap for Blender 2.8

(duketogo) #122

I have installed the addon, but I don’t see key-binding tab

Have any idea what’s wrong?


(rawalanche) #123

There’s no keybinding tab. The addon has no settings, it just contains menus required for the keymap. You install the addon, enable it, and once that’s done, just import they keymap and save preferences.


(duketogo) #124

I’d like to know how to identify key bindings :slight_smile: I found how to do that.

It would be great if I can manage custom key map in xls file. Sometimes It’s hard to find what I’ve modified.
I’m willing to donate some for it.


(rawalanche) #125

I am not sure I understand what exactly you are after. If you want to take my keymap and customize it, then that’s fine. If you want to have also an update spreadsheet, just open the Google Sheets link above, make yourself a copy of it, which Google Sheets can do, and then you can edit your copy with all the changes you’ve done to the keymap. :slight_smile:


(Dheim) #126

I’m having these issues again on the latest (4/6) build of Blender. I tried resetting to factory settings and then only enabling your keymapping (with and without the addon enabled) and it happens again where I can’t simply click to select or deselect.

It’s something on my side because if I load your keymapping from the zip it works fine. I’ve made lots of edits to your keymap to my own preferences. Could you maybe point out where the ability to click select/deselect is in the keymap so I can try to fix it on my own?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it under 3d View. “Select” had the wrong RNA put in. Works now!


(Bop) #127

I found some bugs:

  1. the hotkeys for undo history and Redo history are not set.
  2. Lasso selection related hotkeys are not set.
  3. The hot keys of Copy and Paste are marked wrong in the table.

I think it might be better to set Align selected camera to view to alt+c, because I am always used to ctrl+c as the copy hotkey.

Why not set the hotkey of ‘Shortest path’ to ctrl+lmb and the hotkey of ‘Shortest path fill region’ to ctrl+shift+lmb? I don’t think there will be any conflict. I want to know how you think about this problem.


(rawalanche) #128
  1. Undo and Redo history aren’t set because almost no one uses that. Feel free to set it up if you want

  2. Lasso selection hotkeys do not exist as Lasso is now a mode of select tool (DoublePress-Q key)

  3. Copy and Paste are not assigned as far as I know, because I haven’t seen anyone use it much, instead people tend to use duplicate.

  4. Ctrl+LMB is obviously a conflict. Ctrl+LMB click is subtract selection.


(Bop) #129

I think you can update your Google Docs to keep pace with Keymap.
The fourth question is that you are right. I gave up my original idea.