a proposal for UI team Drag and drop brushes and materials

request = system to drag a brush from one window, and drop it into another running instance of blender, same with materials, and really any data block that could support it.

this would allow people to share ‘donor’ blends, as a container to drop custom tools etc into.


Would this do anything that isn’t done by the append/link feature (in the file menu)?

can you append a brush?

I did not think you could?

also, opening a blend and dragging and dropping 20 things from 20 parts of the ui,

seems faster then digging through sub folder and only grabbing what you want.

There should be improvements coming via the new asset browser project being worked on by Bastien (I believe one commit log text for instance mentioned a ‘multi-append’ function). Not in master yet though.

Please change the title to “A proposal for the UI team”, not “UI team proposal”.

EDIT: Thanks.

You can append a brush, but the fake user nonsense makes sharing/maintaining custom brushes more trouble than it’s worth – especially with large numbers of them. I’m not sure if the asset manager project Mont29 is working on will improve things in that regard or not.

I’d prefer just having a folder it preloads them from on launch so they’re always ready to go. Which is basically how most graphic applications do it. Closest similarity to what I mean in Blender is how add-ons work I suppose.

I am 100% with XRG on that matter. Maintaining a brush library in blender is cumbersome

not sure there, I’m using a brush library addon that works just fine.

Well, disregarding that needing an add-on to manage them is strong indicator that the current system is inadequate, what is the brush library add-on you’re using?

here: http://www.blendernation.com/2015/02/17/free-blender-brushes/

Blender has a high priority need for a tool of one sort or another which would allow the construction and saving of brush libraries which would be isolated from other aspects of the program.

Ehm maybe solve this in another way, have an option to save the brush to the default startup .blend,

combine it with an merge default.blend
(to get brushes in that where not in it at save time but that have become part of your default over time).