A Public Private Message

From what I gather, blenderartists.org is a site where people can collaborate on Blender projects, learn about it, teach it and thereby further Blender’s proliferation. The site presents users with a number of tools to meet these goals. When the tools are used improperly it works against these objectives and possibly Blender itself considering the nature of free software and its support.

If someone uses poor grammar and spelling, bad social form, or bends site rules then maybe you should let them know… via a Private Message so they have a chance to edit or otherwise correct the mistake. These are important subjects and we can all use some improvement on them from time to time.
However, derailing a public thread to point out off-topic errors mostly serves to obstruct the education process. At worst, important answers are buried under distractions that don’t belong in the thread and thereby negate good documentation practices. At its best, derailing is a sad attempt at an ego boost from someone else’s public humiliation. If an ego boost is what you need then blenderartists.org has you covered. Feel free to create a great model, render it and post it to the Finished Projects forum. Aside from that, use a Private Message!

Blender isn’t going to be doomed to failure based on a few derailed posts here, but it isn’t going to be improved by them either. Remember that this site is the customer service center for Blender. Your ill conceived reply may very well scare away the next great Blender artist or coder especially if they are new or young members.

Sorry to be a stick in the mud,


Great advice- perhaps this should become a sticky?

Good post, but I’ve been doing that for ages. By the way, you spelled concidering wrong :smiley:

\please don’t ban me…

Huh mpan3? You might want to take another look at that… I considered all my spelling before I posted.

[see? don’t you wish you’d put that in a private message :wink: ]

A little off topic, the mods lock thread far too often, instead of moving them.

if we don’t, users become lazy and think they can post everywhere and they just think: “it doesn’t matter if I post it here, they will just move them”

far too many users post questions or threads in the wrong forum as they never learn from it, best thing is to do a statement about this. If they looked carefully, there are many different forums to pick and which one would be suited.

I think this is a good thread and the idea of a PM instead of public embarrasment is a good idea.