A puff of pollen!


Imagine that you dropped a football into a some flowers on the ground. Pollen dust would fly up and out from the flowers impacted by the ball. Then the dust would slow as it reached its zenith and eventually float back down to earth.

The dust would also disperse, becoming less and less visible.

How can I achieve this with Blender Smoke? The ‘Quick Smoke Effect’ only seems to float up or down by adjusting the temperature, but what I want is an upward/outward puff created not by heat or wind but by the impact of the ball, and when the energy of that impact is spent, gravity takes over and brings the dispersing dust back down to earth.

Also, I am not sure how smoke and particles interact. When you add ‘Quick Smoke Effect’, it adds smoke which you can see when you press play, but doesn’t add particles to go with it. Can particles act as more physically accurate base for smoke?


I solved this. You get the effect of puffing upward then floating back down using particles, then go to smoke options and choose those particles as the smoke emitter. Then, to add smoky realism, allow the smoke some freedom from the particles using heat, ticking ‘Initial Velocity’ on the Emitting Object, and playing around with ‘Vorticity’ and ‘Smoke High Resolution’ on the Domain Object.