A Purple Dog 0_o

please copy n paste(sry :() http://www.geocities.com/visualpurple7/doggy1.jpg

So…this is a dog character I’ve been working on (modeled after my real dog, btw). Right now it is without uv textures (just basic mapping), an armature, mouth bits, and some other details. It also needs some work on the legs.

The texture I’m going for is like modeling clay (I still have a thing for good ol stop motion animation:D)

*I’m still new to armatures. How does the model look for setting up an armature?

*The paws were modeled with metaballs and converted to a mesh. Metaballs convert into real nasty meshes that don’t subsurf well. To get a smooth surface, they must have huge numbers of vertices. I would like to join the paw meshes with the body mesh, which is subsurf. Any ideas on getting this to work?

C&C please.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

How did you get your dog to pose like that for so long?! :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks sort of cartoony. Nice :slight_smile:

I like it! I don’t think even a cartoon dog could bend his legs like that tho :wink:

gonna animate him?


Yeah, I plan on doing some animation with this guy. Maybe even a short.
Like so many cartoon dogs, he’s got human characteristics. So he is in a sort of sitting position now. I still have not decided if he will walk on two or four.

you cant alt-c convert to wesh the metaballs?

cool dog btw, sort of crash bandicoot-y

Good quality material for eyes.

The way that i can think to do this is to convert your subsurf dog into mesh with control-c and then combine the mesh paws to it. The control-c makes a copy that makes a normal mesh that looks like the subsurf and keeps the subsurf, if that makes sense.

BTW nice dog. i like it.

Nick V