A python question

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Anyway, i’m creating a game with water, and I want the gravity to reduce when my character jumps into the water (he will still sink to the bottom, but gravity will not be as fast as he falls down into it). I know that there is a python command for it, but could someone post an exact script (with all the beginning parts of the script like “import gamelogic” This is greatly appriciated (if you do it, if not, I hate you =))

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import GameLogic

but why not just use a -z force when your character is in the water - this would probably give a more organic movement.

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I would definately go with a minus z force while in the water. Playing around with z force is fun and useful! You can use it for low gravity, high gravity, ladders, you name it!

Why don’t you just use Fh Dist and FH force in the material buttons?
Put a plane under the ground where you’re lake or whatever will be, then give it a material. Set Fh Dist so that it reaches where you want the water surface to be. Then set Fh force to zero. (or set it to something else if you want objects to float upwards to the surface.)