A Queen-Anne-style House

This is a realistic interpretation of the house in the movie “Up”, essentially a “Queen Anne-sytle” house.

Current progress:

Thanks for any feedback.

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It’s a very nice model, but something about the setting makes it feel like a doll house. I don’t know if it has to do with the fence, the choice of lenses, the camera position or what . . .

In any case: a very nice, detailed model, good believable setting and a nicely done render.

Now, the only thing that is unrealistic is having “bricks” on the sloping surface above the windows. Real bricks would never actually be there, and I’m really not sure that bricks would be used anywhere on this structure. I just don’t think that the architect would decide to do that.

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Fixed the top window. I’ll maybe remove the bricks entirely and replace them with the wood-siding texture in the next step.

Here is the probably final version.

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