A question about a fireplace

Oh dear - this is a very basic question.
I decided I would start building a library of modelled objects for “future works”. I thought I would start simply start with a fireplace.

But I found that I had a question so I thought I would post my embarrassing model and fire away.

The idea of this fireplace is that it has an arch of bricks that comes out from the wall.

I’m actually wondering if it would have been better to model the bricks that create the arch rather than leave it like this hoping that texturing was going to sort it out. To tell you the truth, I don’t really understand how it would anyway - but I haven’t done much texturing at this stage of my incompetence.

So - am I right in thinking that I really should model these “feature” bricks?



it all depends how high-poly the fireplace should be, and how long you want the spend making it.

what does that model look like without subsurf? The indevidual bricks in the arch would be strait.

Well, there are two basic ways to texture an object. One way is to use Blender procedurals, called textures, built-in functions that set up the color, reflection, etc. etc. on the faces of your fireplace. The second way is to use UV maps, where you lay out the faces on an imported image, and the faces simply duplicate whatever is on the image (for example, bricks.)

And of course you can combine the two.

For your fireplace, you’ll probably find it easier, if you use procedural textures, to model the arch as a separate object.

If you choose the UV method, you can mark seams along the edge of the arch, and probably along the interior as well, to separate the mesh (for UV purposes) into three chunks, the front, the arch and the interior. Then you can arrange the chunks on your brick image to get the sections to look the way you want.

Most new users find textures to be a bit more accessible and UV mapping somewhat intimidating, but I’d encourage you to try both, expecially with your fireplace, which is straightforward but has enough of a challenge (with the arch) to make the exercise worthwhile and educational.

Thanks for that. I was sort of thinking that the arch having its bricks modelled was possibly a better idea.

I’m not so much bothering about texturing yet as I’m just trying to work out the modelling side and collect a few handy common modelled objects for later scenes.

However, in this case, I thought I needed to look into the future somewhat as I thought the model itself might not end up being easy to texture as it currently stands - so I think I’ll model the archway as you suggested.