A question about blender 2.49 and 2.5

Is it possible to use the Suicidator City Engine (link here http://arnaud.ile.nc/sce/demo.php) in Blender 2.49b and then just append the blendfile and add it to Blender 2.5?

i tried doing this process for music in Blender and it worked, but i was wondering about htis?

There should be no problem if it is just a mesh object.

alright cool, now heres another question, how would i go about running two versions of blender on the same computer and still have it set to open in 2.5 but i can choose 2.49b when i want?
im running windows

Using windows explorer, while holding down shift, right click on the .blend file you’d like to open and choose “open with…” Then, make sure the checkbox that says something like “always use this program to open this kind of file” is checked. Choose Blender 2.5 and you’re done. Capice?

I avoid Windows whenever possible so I might have got something a little wrong there, but that’s the gist and you should be able to figure it out from there. It works in all versions of windows since NT/2000 AFAIK.

alright thank you :smiley: ill post a picture later on here depicting how well it works or doesnt work :smiley: check back later!

i think on windoes it’s sort of a problem
you cannot asign the same blender.exe to 2 version

easiest way is to use a built locally installed and not at the ssytem installed

for isntance i hvae 2.49 installed on system so if i click on blender icon file it will open with 2.49

but to open with 2.5 i ahe to execute in the lcoal file for the built where it will start my 2.5 built

unless there is a trick to be able to sue the open with let us know!

happy 2.5

actually you can just have 2 different shortcuts…find the exe file you built locally, and then make a shortcut and add the shortcut to your lower shortcut bar, then find your 2.5 exe and add a shortcut to that too…the best way to do this is to go to search, then type in blender…it should bring up both exe files, then right click on them and click, Send to Desktop(add shortcut) thats exactly how to do it :smiley:

short cut is another way to deal with faster to start built from desktop!

but this is not installed at system level only shortcut to the EXE.

but it can work faster then to find the blender exe!LOL

happy 2.5

lolol :Dtrue that

the only problem i have
too many short cut on desktop

my desktop if already filled up with icons to start things
and don’t have any space to add more?

but i could open a new user then i would have a new desktop for it
may be i should do that but need to change user !LOL

happy 2.5

lmao thats silly :smiley:

alright! heres a picture after importing the .obj called city_object from blender 2.4 to 2.5!!! it looks pretty good!!


Cool! I’ll need to check that script out! I would love to use it for some giant Godzilla type thing :wink: heh

Check out Stardock Fence. Reallllly useful for organizing the desktop. you can make designated squares on desktop and if there’s more icons than what’s available in the square, it’ll add a scroll bar so you can actually scroll down to it. You can add titles to each of these squares. Also, with this program, when you double click on the desktop, you can hide your icons. makes for a lot less cluttered feeling when you log onto your computer everyday :slight_smile: Not meant to be advertising but it’s useful enough to improve a person’s workflow if they can organize their files including blender and more.

lol it will work really well for the godzilla thing, just download the 2.4 blender and set it up so it wont mess with the other blender (ie, add it to a different area…then just give it a shortcut)
just get the script at the above location!

oh and im downloading stardock now! thanks for the tip :smiley:

where do you find the link for this stardock thing

would like to check that out might be fun to have more icons but organized in a logical way

microsoft forgot about that one
hey billy gate wake up we are in the 21 centurie!LOL


heh, Mac have the exact same problem. I see icons all over my professor’s macbook. might want to stop before we draw flames for pc vs mac thing :wink:

lololol :smiley: im using the stardockand its awesome!!!

yeah, it’s one of my first softwares that I install right away whenever I reinstall the OS on any of my computers :slight_smile: I love it.

An idea based on this thread and the other thread with fluid simulation. If you are able to move the building around from the script after it have been imported, maybe shift all of the shorter building into a layout following characters of a name or title. all of the taller building is outside of these character’s area.

Use the camera to capture the various angles of the dramatic action of light colored water rushing in and flooding the dark city. as the water floods some more, eventually the shorter buildings would be submerged and the tall building would outline the name or title that you use. As the letters become clears, the camera zooms out directly above the city, capturing the entire view.

Sound good?

dunno if it’s actually possible but it look like it could be a great logo animation or intro piece for tutorial video and whatnot. :slight_smile:

its extrememly useful ill tell yah that :smiley: