A question about blender 2.49 and 2.5

cOMG THATS PERFECTTTTT, excellent, that is a perfect idea…im definately going to start that right away (and yes you can)

i got the new soft

but it brought back the background image on my desktop

any idea how to get rid of this image ?

doc seems to be very short ?


what background image? please PM me to keep personal software issues from cluttering the thread up.

@Evil Moon M0ose,
share the link for the WIP thread with me when you start it, I’m really curious to watch the progress. :smiley:

eye dee kay, i dont know how to fix that :stuck_out_tongue:

and i will :smiley: in fact, im starting it right now…

try putting it so that you have no background whatsoever

i wish there was a minimize maximize button
that would be fantastic

don’t know if we can ask for new features!


For blender? like Ctrl-up and Ctrl-down with mouse over any windows within blender?

could be
but more like a normal window like in the corner with a X and a square i guess
but would have to remember what the size was also i guess

that would be even faster to see a fence full size
right now only way is to pick a corner and enlarge manually which takes time


oh, stardock fence? the fence is not designed to be dynamically resized like that. hand resizing is to establish your areas for these icons then leave it. you can make multiple fences by holding down right mouse button and drag on the desktop.

tried to add a third fence but does not allow it
it think the free vesion is for only 2 fences may be

have your tested this?


sorry with right button you can create more then 2 fence

but not with the left button one !

beginnign to ahve fun with this!LOL


i’m using it heavily and have multiple fences. and I’m using the free version


ah good.

Sorry, Evil Moon M0ose, for cluttering up your thread.

lol its ok :smiley:

i have 5 and mine is free