A question about Blender 2.5.0 Alpha

Hello all,

sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong board. I’m trying out the Blender 2.5.0 Alpha release, and I’m wondering when .x files will be supported inside of it. I’ve used the last three versions of Blender to create models for my games in that file format. My new computer currently runs 64-bit Windows, so I can’t use them anymore unfortunately. So can anyone tell me when .x file support should/could be implemented? Thanks!


All the exporter scripts need to be rewritten to work properly with 2.50. If it’s only the models you need, you can always make something in 2.50, open the .blend file with 2.49 and export from there. Works the other way around aswell. 2.49 works with 64bit windows too.

Thanks for the quick response!

Yeah, I figured that was the case. Thanks for the link to the previous version, it works decently on my system. :smiley:

you might be able to append it into 2.49 and then export it.