A question about blender and lamps

I am posting this question in regards to the newest version of Blender 2.25. I have
beenusingblender since like version 1.67 and havent ran into thisproblem till the newest version. After installing it whenever I put a lamp into my scene the lamp would show on the walls, meshs, floors etc. It shows as rings and distorts the whole
image.Ihavent ran into this problem till I installed the newest versionand now Blender 2.23 is doing the same thing which it didn’t until after installing the newest version. I uninstalled them and tried again to no prevail. I upgraded my
graphicschipsetwhich is an Intel 810 running on windows 98se. I also tried not usinganti-aliasing but doesnt make a differance. Has anyone ran into this problem or have a suggestion? The lamps appear on everything first as a bright ring then gradients in
ringsfromthe position of the lamp. Any help would be much appreciated.

the technical term is ‘banding’. im not sure why it’s doing it, but it happens to me to. if you know haow to use masks, you can use photoshop or the gimp and blur that out.

try checking the color depth of your display settings
are you at 24 or 32 bit color?
oh, then I have no idea…
or perhaps you are rendering to a very compressed file format
jpeg or targa?

That’s pretty weird. The problem itself is evidently an insufficient color depth. The strange thing is that Blender should provide a dithering technique that normally would make the pic look OK even at 16-bit color.
Do you see this banding directly in Blender or later when you check the picture in another application? If the latter is the case, then you should be able to resolve this simply by increasing your desktop color depth. 24-bit should be sufficient.

However, saving as JPEG for instance can cause this. The jpeg format only carries 16-bit color information, and sometimes, especially with computer generated graphics, that simply is not enough. You should always go for TGA as output from Blender, then save a JPG copy later from a 2D app if you need one.

PNG could be a better alternative since it uses 32 bits (24 bit color + 8 bit alpha). PNG is, as you might know, usable on the web, although the files tend to be pretty bulky.

here is the link to the rendered image the top one is the banding that is now happening bottom one wsa made earlier this week before this all occured. Seems maybe I need a whole new computer it’s hard to keep up sometimes bt it worked fine before I installed the upgrade. Trly a bummer.

It really looks like you have your display set to 16-bit, it looks perfectly alright on my screen (set to 32-bit), unless I switch back to 16-bit. The reason that the bottom picture doesn’t look like it has banding, is because there are not many large area’s with smooth shading as in the top one.

Looks absolutley fine on my pc, Eeshlo is correct (as usual)

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