A question about continuous waves

Hi, I am new to Blender and maybe the answer is obvious. Trying to make a pond with about 50-100 frames. I didn’t wanted it to be realistic, but after doing couple of tutorials my pond is turning out well. My problem is the the animation should repeat in a loop(“seamless”) but none of the tutorials I read tell me how to make the waves look like they are continuous… I tried so many ways but as soon as it hits the last frame it resets back into its original position… There is an obvious “break” there…
I tried to do something like this: for frame 1, ofsZ = .2 and then frame 50 ofsZ = .5 and then for frame 100(the last frame) ofsZ = .2 again. This works as a loop but looks really stupid like the waters going up and down or left and right uniformly.
Now I am doing another type of wave using the ‘Wave’ modifier… It has options like ‘TimeSta’, ‘LifeTime’, ‘Falloff’, ‘Narrow’ etc… I have been playing with them, so far no luck… I am wondering if anyone knows what I am talking about :frowning:
And all this must be done with the minimum number of frames possible… I would appreciate any help, Thanks

Hello. It appears that this post of yours has been lost in the stacks for quite a while. Did you ever figure out how to do what you were trying for, or are you still looking for help?