A question about empties and importing FBX files

Hi All,
I’m quite new to Blender and moving over from C4D.
I model, mainly in Sketchup as it is needed for the workshop plans then traditionally import the sketchup file directly into C4D for rendering.

Some background of what I’ve tried to date, sorry it’s long but I wanted to give you all the info i can.

Importing a Collada - correct scale, grouped into empties, but parts of the model are missing ( reading up it’s a known issue, something to do with holes)

Importing OBJ all correct and scaled, but no grouping structure, I use split by group on import, if not the model imports as one object as does split by vertex.

Current my process for importing a sketchup model into Blender is export out Sketchup as Meter scale and deselect “Y is up” as a FBX.
Convert the FBX with autodesks FBX converter as Sketchup FBX file format is ASCII and needs to be Binary.
I import into Blender and deselect “import normals” when importing.
I think I can correct the normals in if I leave it selected through edit mode and use “set to face” for the normals, but it would take a long time having to do it for each mesh.

Once in Blender the model is contained in a empty ( I think that’s the right term?) called “sketchup” which is scaled too small.
If I delete the empty called “sketchup” it releases it’s contents and all is at the correct scale, which is what I require.

So my questions are:
Can I convert an empty to a collection?
How do I delete an empty and its contents at the same time?
Will deselecting normals on import cause me issues down the line?

Any help would be great, I’m loving Blender, can’t believe I waited so long :slight_smile: