A question about fraps

hi guys, i dont know where to post this, but, my question is how can i record sound with fraps?, every time i try to record an game but i want to record it with sound, but fraps automatically select my microphone, can someone help me? eh?

depending on your computer’s sound card, fraps and other screen capture programs like Cam Studio (http://camstudio.org) will only be able to record sound from your microphone and not from in game.

It depends on what operating system you have, but for me, I just right click on the speaker icon in lower right hand corner, click on recording devices. Then right click in the window that appears and click on show disabled devices. Then just enable Stereo Mix (AKA “what u hear”)

ok i dont know which version your running or free or bought but

mine is the bought version and as you see in the image its kinda plain to see.


if you have the free version you may not get that i dont know