A question about Game Engine

K, i am going to be asking a lot of questions through out this next week. I am making a mini golf game. And i need to know how to do a few things.

  1. How do i reset the game while iam playing. Without having to hit Esc than P?

  2. How would i make the ball bouncier? It is like the spin on the ball has way to much effect. How could i change that? ex: I hit the ball straight against a wall and the ball bounces up. (As though the spin affects it to much)

  1. Use the ‘Game’ actuator in the logic bricks set to ‘Restart this game’. so you can have a key like ‘R’ that restarts the game when you press it.

  2. Not sure exactly what you mean. For bouncyness - Give the ball a material if it hasn’t got one (F5 Shading panel), click ‘Dyn’ in the Material tab and increase the restitution,
    To damp spinning (Logic F4) you could increae the ‘RotDamp’ and see if that improves it.

there’s already an “mini-golf” game available in the forum I guess…
Try to find and check it, maybe?!