A question about how to rig Oven Doors?

I have a rigging question, i am modeling a low poly oven for a personal project and trying to figure how to rig a oven door open and close. If anyone answer this question I appreciated. Thank You.

is the door a separate object? In that case you can put its origin on its hinge. You can also parent it to an empty. If it must be part of the oven, you can parent it to a bone. But maybe show your object, what difficulty did you meet exactly?

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Thank You Moonboots. I was planning on modeling a low poly oven and tried to rig or animate the oven door open and close. I was thinking of someone approach if they were to model an oven, other then that, the methods of what you are saying are interesting and I might try that approach. Thank you for answering, I feel confident on modeling a low poly oven. :smiley:

ok so if you meet a problem don’t hesitate to ask!

Sure. and again thank you for your advise.