A question about Landscape in BGE.

Ok.Say I want to make a landscape rougly around 2km. by 2km.

This is not a question about texturing.What I would like to know is the steps I need to make in order to create a virtual 2km wide by 2km. long landscape in the BGE.I guess this is a silly question.

I dont have a problem with modeling or texturing a plane,i need to know how to turn that plane into a wide field.

I think whatt you want to hear and I may be wrong, but this really depends on what you determine to be your scale. 16 units in The Unreal engine is generally a foot. Then everything is based off that. It helps level designers use the grid and snapping effiecently and texures size at 256, 512 and so on are a multiples of 16 which is convienent. So what I am saying is the default plane created by blender could very well be 2km x 2km based on how you scale your scene objects.

I don’t really get the question, but the ‘standard’ scale in blender is 1bu = 1m so 2km is 2000 bu. You can make one plane that big and subdivide it - but it probably be huge before You get the detail You want. You may make 20x20 (400) planes each 100x100 bu. If You then set fog and camera clipping at say 800 most planes get culled from the camera view and the scene should render fairly fast.

You solved my weird dilema.What you mentioned I did consider but maybe I was looking a way to reinvent the wheel.Case solved.Thank you again.

Cheat: If you use the ANT Landscape, mess around with and create about 6x6 meshes then combine them. Then select all verts and remove doubles then use the decimate modifer and there you have it.