a question about modeling and beveling

hi guys. sorry to make this a two subject question in one post. The first is about modelling techniques. There seems to be two schools of thought on how to model from a sketch that you have scanned into your computer. Some people prefer using a backgroun image and doing a vertice by vertice outline and extruding that profile out. others swear by starting with primitive objects and extruding and scaling. Anybody have any maxims on when one method is better over another. I’ve been trying to model a character i sketched and it looks like a good candidate for a vert by vert profile , but yet i probably need to use primitives…

another is a question about beveling with the new knife tool. feel free to laugh at me all you wish, but i still cant figure out how to use the knife tool to get good bevels. I followed the tutorial somebody posted on here a few days ago on how to bevel a subsurfed cube, and thats all well and good, but what about more complex objects? For example, i wish to cut a hole out of a uvsphere, and have the area that has been cut sort of bevel inwards. anybody have some tips on beveling complex objects?


ed the extremely itimidated blenderhead

First of all, we’re not here to laugh at eachother,…So ask If you like
cause everybody in here has and had to learn Blender :smiley:
Well for the first question I got no real answer,
but for the second (dunno if I’m reading it rite) question,
this may be what your looking for,…


Hello enroper,

concerning your second question: It is currently not possible in official Blender to bevel complex objects.

However, instinctive-blender (a branch of blender maintainted by me and tailored towards productivity and outstanding features) has a new automatic bevelling tool. See this screenshot:


The first official release of instinctive-blender is scheduled in a few days.

In the meantime, it is also being ported to the official release (and being tuned by others), and will probably there in 2.32, too.

ok, now I get what M@dcow was pointing at… thanks for making me a happy, happy man intrr. Until heaven get’s unleashed upon us, you can still use richie’s bevel script found in the scripts-part of the forum for beveling somewhat complex objects. Don’t know if it’ll do your example tho.

oops, never mind. %|

If you are building a hollow object (half a head) start with a plane and extrude it. For solid objects (whole head or body) start with a cube. (For some illustrated discourse on this see IamInnocent’s links in my sig (subdivision). These were written before the knife function was added but are still relevant).

In Blender NURBs surfaces are called ‘surfaces’ and have one quirk in that to loft them each curve used must have an equal number of knots. They are easy to use for a base structure and can be converted to mesh.

For straight mesh modelling, drawing the edgeloops for a profile and then lofting them is often messy. What I have done is to construct the profile with edgeloops and then use them as guides to follow while extruding a primitive.

For example, i wish to cut a hole out of a uvsphere, and have the area that has been cut sort of bevel inwards. anybody have some tips on beveling complex objects?

To bevel the edge of a hole it needs to have some thickness so extrude the sphere and scale it down for the sphere to have an inside circumference smaller than outside, then bevel the edge of the hole.