A Question about Rendering Engines

Hey everyone,

So I’m learning Blender and I want to learn an external Rendering Engine in addition to the Blender Render engine. So I’ve been trying to decide which one to learn, but a lot of the info online is very out of date with stuff from even two years ago being completely contradictory to more recent stuff. After some research I have come to the conclusion that learning multiple would be beneficial but I still want to start with one as my primary so I can focus more on the rest of blender. The two I seem to be narrowed down to are Yafaray and Luxrender partially because I insist on using Free Software in my art.

To start I wanna be clear that I’m not trying to start another Yafa vs Luxrender thread. I know they’re both capable pieces of software and I greatly respect and deeply admire the developers of both projects. Hell I even found a thread from some years ago where there was a discussion of a merger between the two projects.

Anyway, most of the older threads on this topic seem to distill down to the fact Yafa is biased, Lux is unbiased so they’re useful for different things but recently LuxRender added biased rendering capabilities to the software, so I’m wondering what the current consensus is. Clearly from the galleries you can make gorgeous images with either one, but does the inclusion of both biased and unbiased capabilities in Lux give it a bit of an advantage? Should I flip a coin? Are there any other major issues that still toss the choice up to preference or intent? Thanks.

No, you should try them both and decide for yourself. They are not that difficult to learn and there will be times when one is more suitable for a project. Besides, you can afford it…

Honestly, are you going to take someone else’s word or your own experience…?

Not necessarily no, but they seem sufficiently complicated that I wanted to consult more experienced folks, but I will likely play with both. I only wondered what the advantages were, and didn’t necessarily expect that I could tell the difference between the two after an hour of study. I’m sure it is possible I could make something look nicer in one after an hour or two of study, and still have it not be indicative of it’s overall quality. For instance, I might make something prettier in LuxRender after a short intro to it, than in Yafaray, but Yafaray still be better suited to what I’m doing.

So is there anything specific. I’ve heard biased for animation, unbiased for stills, but with Lux doing both now are there any other distinctions? I will try both but I like to have an informed decision.

It is possible Yafaray will render animation faster, but Lux is developing a gpu render system which is likely to also be fast.

You could try reading through the documentation in case one has a feature you need that the other does not:-

Luxrender is possibly more complete, but Yafaray is very versatile too, though it may require more input from you.

The quality from both is very good. There are some render tests made by enrico cerica a while ago comparing Lux, Indigo and Yafaray output here:-

Ultimately, it may come down to personal preference, I have heard people say they based their choice on the user interface.


I should say that was a good decision. Both have their plus points in their applications, it’s like a same paper divided into 2 sections. If you feel you need to know both I think you should go for it. Good luck !

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Jimbo, believe in yourself. You have given enough right answers to know what you are capable of. Thanks for an answer you gave me, that I needed, so I could help my wife with her college math class. Keep up the GREAT WORK!