A question about sharp angles, the curve, and array modifiers.

I want to create a chart graphic in 3d. I’m using a cube minus 2 faces w an array mod to animate the line that will go up and down the chart. Many people use this technique for tunnels but I wanted to create something that I am able to animate but seems I can’t get it to have to have sharp corners. So my question is if there is a way to create array objects with sharp corners with curves or do I have to make this from scratch? Thanks.


One of the smoothest way to animate a bar going up and down would be to use a shape key. Try this:

  1. Create a cube
  2. Go to the object data tab (the tab with a mesh triangle, between the modifiers tab and the materials tab)
  3. Make sure you are in object mode (not in edit mode), and press the plus sign in the “Shape Keys” section
  4. Press the plus sign again, there will be two shape keys, “Basis” and “Key 1”
  5. Press the “Tab-key” to go into edit mode, grab the top face of the cube and raise it a little to make the tallest bar shape.
  6. Press tab again to go back to object mode.
  7. While “Key 1” is still selected in the Shape Keys section, drag the “Value” slider bar back in forth. This value is “animatible” by going to the frame you want a particular height and pressing the “i-key” while the cursor hovers over the value. It will turn yellow…

Not sure what problem you are running into with sharp corners. We could revisit that problem if shape keys are not what you need.