A question about this graphics card.

I’m planning to buy msi geforce gtx 970 4G for cycles rendering.

Is this graphics good for rendering fast in cycles.

If not…

Can you guys suggest a good graphics cards?

Hi, the 970 series is good bang for bug, 980 or 980Ti are faster but also much more expensive.
If you use often high poly scenes and many big textures keep in mind you are limited to 4 GB for all.
If you hit this limit you cant render.
There is 980 with 6 GB VRAM, it depends on your workflow if 4 GB is enough for your needs.

Cheers, mib

Did some research and the thing is if you have several gpu’s then it will get faster. Depending of budget you could buy two cheaper cards and get faster renders than with just one card.

Regarding “bigbad” said.
Be careful with the memory limits in Cycles with multiple GPUs. The memory limit is given by the GPU with less vRAM. If you have a GPU with 2GB vRAM and another with 4GB vRAM, you can use only 2GB in the scene (currently only 2GB with CUDA/Cycles is very little memory).

MS-K you didn’t mention anything about your machine. If it’s a HP do some homework. I have here a HP out of their performance section 3 years ago. It has a Nvidia GT 530 and I’ve tried 3 cards to upgrade. The last one a GT 740 is sitting here as a paper weight now.

I seems HP only updates the BIOS for a year. And, since it was coded almost a year before I bought this machine for all practical purposes the machine can’t be upgraded. And, yes the HP forums are full of angry consumers. ‘Performance Section’ and you’re pretty much stuck with the graphics card ordered. I like to animate and needless to say I’m pissed.

Good luck with your upgrade and enjoy your new found speed.