A question about using blender to rig up human figure

hi all

i hav a question on humanoid rigging … specifically on the back spline rigging in blender … coz there is spline IK tool in Maya that is used mainly for the back bone rigging …n its very usefull for back bones rigging

so just wondering is there any way that i can achieve same or similar effect in blender using varous methods of constraint…

or alternatively teach me your blender back bones rigging experience,

i would thank you all in advance for sharing your rigging experience with me

hey turbojoys,

You may be interested in the examples found in this post. There are spine examples (including a ribbon and spline IK example, which are derived from Maya techniques ;)), as well as many others. You may also want to take a look at some of the other links found in my signature.

The best way to learn rigging is to see what other people have done, and build upon it.

exactly mate … thank you for your reply