A Question about Vehicle Rendering from a total newb...

Just registered for the forum, am downloading blender…ohh, actually it’s done. Installing blender…

I’m a 42 yr old graphic designer…I design for a couple breweries, do layout for a couple magazines and have 10-15 recurring “Land Cruiser Aftermarket Specialists” clients as a result of my inclusion in that enthusiast realm.

One of my clients does high-end custom Land Cruiser builds and needs the ability to do “mock-up’s” for his clients
involving all the modifications and additions they plan on performing. As I already design his logos and his truck
build/name logos, I would also like to be able to offer the mock-up service as well. More hours from good client…
Vehicle rendering would be my primary focus.
So, my question is this…

Is there a subforum of this, or any other forum community, that would be the most useful to those ends or distilled down to the specific nature of my intent?

First post, peace! (drops mic.)

I put this in chat to begin with, because I realize it’s not a technical question…(as I have no frame of reference for technical questions) but it got moved here…anybody willing to help a dinosaur out?

or any other forum community
There are probably many. smcars.net is the first one that comes to mind.


Thanks, Organic