A question about VRML versions and Blender ...

I have saved a model I created in Wings3d in VRML 2.0. When I try to read it into Blender (v 2.23) It gives me the message “Unknown file type or error check console”. Now the file that I export from Wings3d has the extension .wrl and I noticed that the version of VRML in wings3d is v2.0 and when I check on Blender (v2.23) it has the option to save a VRML 1.0 file.
Now my question is, Is blender giving me this message because it cant read VRML 2.0 files or is it something else I am missing entirely. I am very new to Blender so please keep that in mind. The OS I am using is RedHat 7.3

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, but Blender 2.23 only supports VRML1 and cannot import 2.0. However, Blender publisher does support VRML2.0 and should be released for free when blender goes opensource.

If Wings3d supports DXF output, Blender can import that without problems. The only drawback is that the file sizes are rather huge and you have to remove vertex doubles once you get it into blender.

Thanks, I was worried that was going to be the answer. I guess the good part is that you are correct and the sources will be free in a month or so :smiley: .
Thanks again.