A Question on Armature Animation

Im new to Blender (if you havent already figured out) and i was wondering whether or not you could alter or edit the location or rotation of an armature in the IPO curve editor.



anything you can add keys to there is an IPO for.

Yes, select the curves you want to edit by LMB or Shft-LMB (if you do more than one at a time) the color boxes in the index, or RMB or Shft-RMB the curves themselves or box select multiple curves (the key nodes turn white). Then you can treat them like any other curve; Tab into edit mode, RMB select the knots or handles, Box select one or more knots, grab, scale.


Excellent! it works. i knew how to use the IPO and armatures earlier, but now i found out how to use them together. thanks for your help!