A question on creating my own vertex groups with armatures

I have been looking around for a while and having trouble finding help with creating my own vertex groups. I have created a hand in meshes and added the armatures. When I parent and have it create its own vertex groups, I get some stray vertices being picked up. How do I create my own groups? Any help would be appreciated.

If you made the amature parent of the mesh with “Don’t create groups” do the following:

Select your mesh, enter Edit mode

Right to the middle of the Edit buttons is a group of buttons to assign vertex groups.

Klick new.
A new empty vertex group will be created with name Group.
Select the vertices you want ot assign to this group.
Klick Assign.

For the next group repeat this (new, select vertices, assign)

The important part is that the vertex groups have to have the same name as the corresponding bones (Edit mode for the armature, bone selected), therefor either you have to rename the bones or the vertex groups.

That’s it.

Thanks for the help!