A question on polygon meshes.

Hello, i am a new member and i have stumbled into blender. I use DesignCad, a CAD-based 3d modeling software. The file format i import to blender is the .dxf enxtension (which i am very happy to say that blender shakes hands with). the question i want to ask is does blender have a recalculate mesh or a balance mesh command? to explain, does blender have a command that can take a polygon mesh made from an outside program and reorganize the imported mesh’s vertices and faces.
thanks for your help

Could you describe what those commands do?


does blender have a command that can reorganize the polygons in imported models bought in to blender. also, does blender have a polygon reduction command? i am also working with the blender game engine as well. i want to reduce the polygons in the models that i create

Blender has a decimate modifier that can reduce the polycount of a mesh.

I really am not clear on what “reorganize the imported mesh’s vertices and faces” would look like so I can’t say whether there is something in Blender that could do this or not. What exactly do you mean by reorganizing an imported mesh? Or reorganizing the polygons? An example might help.

Maybe Beautify Fill could help with better organisation of the polygons (Alt+F)?