A question on removing key frames

(croxis) #1

The topic was worded bad because I don’t want to remove the keyframes:

I have a bunch of things that go from point a to b to c to d and so on. The time it takes for the objects to go from c to d and j to k is too long (as in it doesn’t match up to the music). How can I, for a lack of a better term, remove 10 frames here and 20 frames there? I want to have my little people get to the same spot, I just want to get them there faster.

And if there is a way to do this in batch I would be evenmore happy, so I don’t have to do the same step 30 times :slight_smile:

If I worded it bad just let me know and thank you for all your help!

(dreamsgate) #2

If you use a program such as Premiere, you can’t set which frames you want to use and reset the frame rate.

(croxis) #3

Hmm, I didn’t explain myself well.

I don’t want to remove the frames. I just want to get the objects in bleder to their locations faster. I was just wondering if I could some how slide all the keyframes after framm 100 over 10 frames.

(ray_theway) #4

Select each vertex key (I assume you’re talking about vertex keys?) in the IPO window and press “N”. Now, take 0.1 off of each value (with vertex keys, 1 frame is equal to 0.01 in the IPO window). Also, if you’re working on what I think you’re working on 8) , make sure everything’s set on linear movement. This will keep all the movements even.

(croxis) #5

Yes ray it is! I made a set in the middle 32 measures instead of 16! Dorky me!

(croxis) #6

Oh, do I have to do this for every guy or is there an easy way?

(azrael) #7

Select the IPO curve for the first guy, and click the copy to buffer button at the bottom of the IPO window. select the next guy and click the past from buffer button.

NB. this might on work if they are all moving to the same place a the same time, I’m really mot sure, but its worth a try.


(croxis) #8

They are not moving to the same place at the same time (but they are moving at the same time). Thank you for your help though.